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One of the oldest tattoo studios in Bombay located in Andheri, Inks n Needles provides you with awesome tattoos beyond your imagination. Owned by Chirag Jhala a self taught artist, Inks n Needles has been running successfully for the past 11 years. With more than 14 yrs experience in tattooing business, Chirag Jhala has seen the tattoo industry grow in front of him. Inks n Needles provide its clients with extremely unique designs which are executed to the perfection. Chirag is one artist who doesn’t come from an art background but has a keen sense of art right since his childhood. Converting his passion into a hobby and then into a successful profession Chirag has become one of the respected & senior artist in the industry.

Inks n Needles provide you with a variety of tattoo styles, “You name it, we’ll nail it”. Big or small tattoo Inks n Needles will give the same personal attention to their clients. At Inks n Needles clients feel welcomed and comfortable and leave with a brilliant piece of art. Inks n Needles have always been known for strong clean work and has build up a reputation just by doing awesome tattoos.

If you know about tattoos you definitely have heard about Chirag Jhala.

The artists


Chirag Jhala

Lead Tattoo Artist

Rahul Ayer

Tattoo design/Artist


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The safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We only use disposable products.

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