Considering tattoos are made to last a life time, recovery time is fairly swift. The initial healing process lasts about a week, however skin needs up to 20-25 days to fully heal once the tattoo is done. While a tattoo is healing, proper care will help prevent infection and preserve its appearance in the long run.

After the completion of the Tattoo there is a bandage applied on the tattoo which will be kept on the tattoo for next 5 days. The bandage can come off anytime between 1-5 days do no remover prematurely. Remove the bandage at the end of 5 days irrelevant.

  • Once the bandage comes off/ removed (between 1-5 days) take an antiseptic soap/hand wash, foam it on your hand and clean the ooze on the tattoo with the lather. Once clean no cream application for the next 2 days and let the tattoo dry.
  • On the 2nd day (post the bandage coming off) avoid taking a shower. The 2nd and 3rd day no washing or creaming the tattoo for the whole day. Let it dry, this way it eliminates any possibilities of infections developing and even lets some over worked areas (if any) settle down.
  • Once cleaned, pat the tattoo dry with tissue paper (No Cotton or Cloth). Some color coming off on the tissue is absolutely normal, so do not think your tattoo us loosing color already. Then apply a thin coat of an antiseptic cream in circular motion (as explained in the studio) for max 1 minute, then dab off the excess layer of the cream. Tattoo should not be too wet or dry, it should be adequately moist, do not over medicate it. Keep the tattoo open and DO NOT re-bandage it again.
  • From the 4th day and clean the tattoo with a tissue dipped in water (room temperature) and then cream the tattoo as mentioned above.
  • Follow the creaming from 4th day for the next 10 days 2-3 times a day as required no need to wash the tattoo anymore, creaming is enough.

Shower Tips:

  • Whenever you go for a shower apply a thin coat of a Vaseline Gel over the tattoo so that it doesn’t get wet.
  • Do not try to clean the tattoo during a shower, follow the cleaning procedure post shower. Make sure you do not take too long showers (keep them short) and do not apply soap or try to scrub the tattooed area during the healing of the tattoo for the period 15 days.


  • Your tattoo will take approximately 10-15 days to completely heal.
  • Red boils on the tattoo or around the tattoo are normal as the tattoo was bandaged for 5 days it’s bound to give out some heat in the form on red heat boils. The will go away in a few days.
  • Carry the cream along with you all the time.
  • During the healing process the tattoo scabs and will peel and flake, DO NOT – pick, rub, and scratch the scabs. Scabbing is absolutely normal.
  • DO NOT WEAR anything tight or materials that will rub and irritate the tattoo during the healing procedure.(Nylon,Cods,Denim,Socks,etc anything loose cotton is absolutely fine)
  • DO NOT expose your tattoo to chlorine pools, hot tubs, sauna, lake or ocean water, direct sunlight or other harsh conditions.
  • Avoid contact with pets and take care of the tattoo from small kids as they might scratch them.
  • DO NOT EXPERIMENT anything during the healing process without consulting the TATTOO ARTIST.
  • Anything increase in swelling, oozing, redness, pain, soreness etc, is a sign of an infection developing, DO NOT panic, stop creaming the tattoo (let the tattoo dry completely for next 48hrs), click a photo and send it to us and ask for the instructions that you need to follow.

Things to remember:

  • Keep your tattoo clean & follow the above instructions.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before touching or applying the cream on to the tattoo.
  • When outdoors use Sun Block Cream (with SPF more than 50) to protect your tattoo after it’s healed.

We recommend that you send us your tattoo picture daily (without any cream on it in a dry state), so that we can observe the healing progress.


  • Tat Wax – you can purchase from us for Rs 500 or Dr.Vcnally’s Calendula Special – orange yellow color box, from any local chemist.
  • Vaseline Petroleum Gel (To apply pre-shower to repel water)
  • Tissue Roll (to pat dry & dab the excess cream)

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